Management Studies

The Foundation for Management Studies (SMS) initiates studies on a wide range of management issues. Its aim is to strengthen the link between managerial practice and theory and to influence managerial decision making by bringing relevant managerial issues of the near future to the boardroom tables.

SMS was established in 1965 by a few large companies in the Netherlands. Its main interest was the pooling of knowledge on Human Resource Management. Nowadays SMS is supported by about 40 key businesses and non-profit organizations in the Netherlands. The scope of the studies is enlarged to encompass all kinds of strategic managerial issues. The employers organizations VNO-NCW and AWVN participate in Management Studies Foundation.

Connecting management practice and science
The SMS studies are performed by independent and well-known experts in the field and accompanied by board members out of the businesses and organizations who are supporting SMS. In this way both relevance and rigor of the performed studies are monitored constantly. Sound scientific knowledge, case-studies and empirical inquiries are part and parcel of the investigation. For both managers and researchers alike this package can help to clarify dilemmas and problems they are facing.

Joining SMS; advantages

  • The ability to set the managerial agenda of the future
  • Join research groups on managerial issues of great interest
  • Access to scientific up-to-date knowledge
  • To get clear insights in the current state of your organization;
  • especially when yours is picked as one of the case-studies
  • To meet and speak colleagues
  • To join SMS-conferences

You are welcome to support and join SMS; for more information please contact Nicolaas Weeda, the Secretary-General: tel. 0031 (0)70 3490203 or

Current members and supporters

The SMS studies are published in Dutch by the Royal Van Gorcum Company in Assen, The Netherlands.
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More information
Please contact Nicolaas Weeda,
Secretary-General of the Foundation for Management Studies
Phone: 00 31 (0)70 349 02 03
Bezuidenhoutseweg 12, 2594 AV The Haque, The Netherlands